How to Cure Stage-Fright, Improve Your Performance, Create Original Comedy Routines, and Command a Higher Fee in Eight Weeks...Guaranteed!

If You Want to Quickly & Easily Write Comedy for Magic Routines Without Using Tedious Joke Formulas and Hard Memorization, then I'm Here to Help...


From: Zach Waldman

Dear Magician Friend,

Be honest with me, do you use so called "stock lines" in your act? Some of the biggest names in magic use them all the time. When they get a laugh, they mistakenly confuse themselves for comedy-magicians. Just because somebody laughs at the joke doesn't mean you should be proud of yourself.

In the stand-up comedy world, you'd be ostracized for using another comedian's joke. You know how magicians feel about exposure shows like the Masked Magician? That's exactly how comedians feel when they see somebody not being themselves.

Not only are stock lines somebody else's jokes, they're OLD. You can try to justify using these lines all you want; but they're a shortcut just like a Svengali Deck (and as overexposed).

I know what you're thinking, "But I want to be a magician, not a comedian, I don't really care about those silly throwaway lines."

Here's the thing, when you use somebody else's words, you aren't being yourself. Everything you do seems fake (it even reduces the power of the magic itself). Do you want people to remember your tricks or do you want them to remember you?

Do you want people to say, "I saw a great magician, his jokes were cheesy, I'd heard some of them before, but he was really good with the cards. Oh, and I don't know his name or anything about who he was."

Wouldn't you rather people leave your show saying, "I saw a magician named [YOUR NAME HERE], and my sides hurt so much from laughing he didn't even need tricks to entertain me!"

So what do you do, do you go and buy a bunch of books on writing jokes and try to crowbar them into your magic? I tried that for years before realizing it didn't work.

You can't simply lay a stand-up comedy show on top of your magic act. Comedy-magic is a very specific art form that has special requirements.

My name is Zach Waldman. I'm a professional comedy-magician based out of Los Angeles, CA. I'm a performing member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I make a full time living performing comedy and magic. I perform both straight stand up without magic as well as comedy-magic shows.

There's a ton of info on comedy out there, but almost no information specifically for comedy magicians.

So, here's what I've put together to help you out.


One-On-One Comedy Writing and Performance Coaching for Magicians

  • You'll get individualized attention instead of being overlooked.
  • No fluff. You'll be creating comedy on your very first day (instead of doing some silly exercise that will never help your act).
  • Specialized instruction on how to add humor to magic routines you currently perform (you're already half way there with the magic, you just need an original presentation)
  • When the course is over, you will have the skills to create comedy on your own quickly and easily, guaranteed.
  • The entire course takes place online. (No sitting in a classroom at a specific time or fighting traffic to get there. You can do the assignments when you want to as long as they're done by the specified date).


Zach, can anybody be funny
or are you born with it?

I'm going to give you all of the details of this workshop but first I need to be honest with you.

If you aren't funny, I can't make you funny. No book, teacher, comedy coach, or whatever can make you funnier than you are.

Most people that get into comedy were often told they were funny. They learn a bunch of joke formulas, spend hours writing five minutes of material, and then BOMB. These people are naturally funny, but not on stage. You can't just wing it, that doesn't work either.

In my course I teach you a simple process to quickly create material, edit it, get it stage ready, test it, and revise; the result is you create much more material faster instead of writing 50 jokes just to get 10 good ones.  Your biggest problem will be getting the stage time to try out your material.  Usually the problem is building your act minute by minute, but with my methods you can create an act in huge chunks, fast!

If you've ever wanted to try straight stand-up comedy you can use my methods to do it. However, this course has a very specific goal which is to make your magic routines original and funny.

Many magicians perform similar effects. Why does one person get a better reaction than another person with the same trick? It comes down to technique and presentation.

This course will help you take magic you've performed for years and purge it of everything that's not you. When we're done, you'll still have the same magic trick but it will now be original, a lot more fun to perform, and funnier.

If you aren't funny, please don't sign up for my workshop. I simply can't help you if you have the personality of a mortician. Don't feel bad, I can't play major league baseball. I'm not trying to discourage you, but it's important to be honest with yourself.

On the other hand, if you know you're funny in real life, but when performing, you struggle, I can help. If you already have great routines but the patter isn't your own, I can help there too.


Here's what's Included in the Comedy & Performance Workshop for Magicians

The course is eight weeks long and we will meet once a week online or on the phone. We will choose a day that works best for both of us.

You're given an assignment every week and are given a week to do it. I personally review all of the assignments with you. This is true one-on-one coaching, customized to help you improve your act and command a higher fee.

This course DOES NOT rely on joke formulas. I will make you aware of the formulas but these are readily available in every book on comedy writing.

There is very little information available specifically for comedy-magicians. What is out there covers general principles. In my workshop, you can pick the routine you want to make funny and we'll work on it. Once you learn the process, you can apply it to the rest of your magic to churn out tons of killer and original routines.

You will not have to ponder over tedious concepts to create comedy. My methods make coming up with routines fun and easy.

You will not have to write 50 jokes and hope you get 10 good ones.

You will not create a character or hook.

You will not change your appearance to get laughs.

It will not take you years to become a comedy-magician.

No hard memorization. You will quickly create material and be able to recall it easier than you can imagine.

I don't teach you stuff you've read or heard a million times. I'm sure you know what a set-up and a punchline are. I'm sure you know what a call back is. I know you know what a double entendre is. I won't waste your time with this stuff. I show you how to use your natural sense of humor so you can be yourself and get huge laughs with your magic.

Never worry again about what you'll talk about, I'll show you the secret.

I'll show you how to eliminate stage fright.

You'll learn performance techniques that will make you a pro.

Improve delivery and timing.

I answer the question, "Why am I funny in day to day life, but I bomb when I try to be funny on stage?"

Write comedy naturally instead of having to do the equivalent of a Rubik’s cube with joke formulas.

I Get It...

  • You're scared to try stand-up.
  • Nobody directly tells you stock lines are lame (they think it, but they don't tell you).
  • You hate not being original (even when people laugh at your jokes you feel guilty for being a hack).
  • You think writing jokes is a special skill (it is, but that's not what we're going to do, so don't worry about it).
  • You've tried joke writing books and found the task ponderous and not effective (my methods are as much fun as talking to your best friend about what's been going on in your life).


You Can Be an Original & Funny Magician. Simply Combine Your Natural Sense of Humor with the Techniques You'll Learn in my Workshop

This course is different because...

  • The only comedy course specifically created for magicians.
  • Inidvidual attention. We add humor to a routine you're currently doing or would like to do. You won't have to figure out how to apply general concepts to your act. I'll be there with you the whole time to help you apply my methods so you know exactly what to do.
  • No fluff. I will not waste your time with joke writing exercises or telling you information that's easily found on the Internet or in other comedy writing books.
  • 100% money back guarantee


Here are Five Good Reasons to Sign Up Today

I've performed at top comedy clubs across the country including The Comedy Store, The Comic Strip, Catch a Rising Star, The Improv, The Icehouse, and too many others to bother naming. I've written and produced comedy for radio shows in Orlando, Chicago, and New York (where I worked on The Howard Stern Show). In addition to performing comedy-magic for colleges, private parties, corporate events, and clubs, I'm a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I've been a member of SAM for over 20 years. Additionally, I'm a graduate of the Player's Workshop of The Second City and was a cast member of a very successful sketch, stand-up, and improv comedy group in Chicago called Low Sodium Entertaiment.

I'm not a teacher that doesn't perform. So many comedy coaches aren't funny and don't have so much as a single TV credit. When you learn from me, you're getting advice from somebody that's currently in the trenches. By the way, I hate the term comedy coach and I don't consider myself to be one. I'm a professional comedian and magician but before I was successful, I struggled to find my comedic voice on stage. I was hilarious with my friends but couldn't make it work for audiences. Once I did make the transition, it was so easy I had to share the information with my fellow magi.

Since this class is done one-on-one, I'm limited in the number of people I can help at once. Class size is limited to eight people. I want to make sure everybody gets the attention they deserve and that's only possible by keeping the group small. I'm only offering this workshop when I'm able to commit the time and energy necessary. If you don't sign up now, I'm not sure when you'll have the chance again. As a matter of fact, as of today (11/26/12), this is the first time I've made this offer in over a year.

This information isn't available anywhere else. If you like, go and buy every book on comedy writing out there and try to figure out how to apply it to your magic. Every time you try, it will seem like you're forcing jokes and creating contrived patter. You will sound like a robot and the real you will be lost. There's a couple of little books out there on comedy-magic, but this is a one-on-one workshop, not just a book.

I don't do anything without a guarantee. Whether somebody hires me for a private party, a corporate event, or if they purchase a product I've created, I ALWAYS guarantee my work. If you don't find the information in this course to be unlike anything you've seen before, then I'll give you every dime of your money back. If you're still skeptical, don't bother ordering, I don't want customers that won't invest in their futures even when there's no risk.


Look at What Top Magicians & Former Students Have to Say...


"I have a new ten minute piece of comedy magic that kills."

"Zach Waldman's course is a MUST for anyone who wants to do TRUE comedy magic. Zach is very easy to work with and provides a forum  to get only the best from each student. I took the course and at the end of the eight weeks I have a new ten minute piece of comedy magic that kills. The best part is it is MINE!! I can now take what I have learned over the eight weeks and apply it to all the things I am currently doing and re-work them in to original comedy magic. By the end of the class you will be willing to pay ten times the amount than you did when you started!!! It is that good."

Matthew Episcopo

" . . . people are laughing."

"The class was incredibly beneficial as it changed my approach to lots of other material.  Waldman's insight into comedy and how it is created was very helpful.  The personal feedback on each assignment was very specific and at the end of the class I had a "piece" of magic that was polished, presentable and funny . . . people are laughing."

Thanks for your investment in this student!
Rob Watkins

"I've seen Zach devastate audiences with his quick wit and edgy humor."

"Zach Waldman is not only a very funny guy, but he is the most original comedy magician I've ever seen. You won't hear any stock lines coming out of Zach's mouth (unlike most of the hacks that have the nerve to call themselves comedy magicians). From comedy clubs and college shows to corporate gigs and appearances at the world famous Magic Castle, I've seen Zach devastate audiences with his quick wit and edgy humor.
Zach is constantly pushing boundaries, but never loses the pulse of his audience, and that is the sign of a true professional. Zach is the real deal!"

Lou Serrano
"America's Leading Corporate Magician & Sales Entertainer"

"I cannot imagine that spending extended time up close and personal with Zach could result in anything other than the ability to create sharper original comedy material"

"Zach Waldman's comedy works on two important levels. He is not only a tireless writer and performer, but his natural improvisational humor flows about as freely from him as any comedian I have seen.

To have a basic framework of tried and true written material backing up an innate ability to just tease and riff with an audience is the key to some of the most enjoyable comedy experiences that one can offer to an audience. And their sense memory of that joy is instrumental in getting them to re-book you.

I cannot imagine that spending extended time up close and personal with Zach could result in anything other than the ability to create sharper original comedy material and/or learning to relax into a free flowing
give and take comedy style that will have your audiences wondering where it all came from and how they might
experience more of it."

Sincerely submitted by a huge(or at least tall & lanky)fan,
Phil Van Tee, comedy-magician

"He warms over any crowd with his charm"

"Zach Waldman is the rare synthesis of razor-sharp humor and even sharper technical skill.  He warms over any crowd with his charm then blows them away with his killer magic.  Don't tell him I said any of this, though.  It would go straight to his afro."

Magician Micah Cover



Add humor to your magic routines naturally without sitting down to write jokes.

Learn performance techniques that will make you bomb-proof.

Creating comedy for your magic doesn't require hard memorization.

Easily find things to talk about on stage. You'll never stare at a blank page struggling for ideas again.

How to end nervousness once and for all.

Handle hecklers with ease.

Punch up routines you're already performing and make them funnier than ever.

You will not be writing individual jokes, you will be naturally developing whole chunks of material quickly.

Never feel like a dirty joke stealing hack again. You'll feel good when you get laughs because the material is original to you.

Dangerous comedy pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Comedy creation shortcuts allow you to develop material quickly, test it, and get it perfect in less time than you can imagine.

The best way to develop comedy and it has nothing to do with joke formulas, characters, hooks, or any other nonsense you've read in comedy writing books.

Why telling stories has been discouraged by comedy coaches and why they're WRONG.

My workshop is the quickest way for you to make your magic show original, funny, and unique.

I prove everything I teach with real world examples from top comedians working today.

How the pros develop their acts (it's not what you've read).

The number one mistake every magicians makes when trying to be funny.

The right way to add humor to your magic without it feeling forced.

Beware! If you're spending time writing individual jokes, memorizing them, and then trying to make your magic work with them somehow, you're approach is totally wrong.

The secret to taking your natural comedic abilities and making them work on stage in front of paying audiences.


This Course Isn't for Everybody

Let me explain very clearly how this course will work, what you get, and what's expected of you.

The workshop is limited to eight people.

Once you're registered, I will contact you and we will decide on the best time and day of the week for us to meet via phone/online weekly.

It will be up to you to have your assignment done on time. If you fall behind, you'll have to work twice as hard to catch up as I won't extend the class an extra week because you didn't do the work. I don't mean to be a hard ass about this, but if you want to be a pro, you need to act like one.

Besides, this is not a writing class, this is a comedy & performance class for magicians. Is there writing? Yes, but not the way you normally think about it. This is fun!

The day your assignment is due, I will review it with you and provide feedback and tips. We will use what you create for the next assignment. After you've completed the course, you will have a complete routine, ready for stage.

Please don't sign up if you can't commit to the full eight weeks and get your assignments done on time.

Please don't sign up if you want to learn joke formulas, that information can be found for free online.

However, if you just know you're funny but can't seem to cross that threshold from being the funny guy at the party to the funny comedy-magician you've always dreamt of being, please sign up, this is what you've been looking for.

I charge $100.00 per hour for magic lessons.

I charge $500.00 per hour for sales & marketing consulting.

Do a search for these so called comedy coaches that never get on stage themselves. You'll find they charge an average of $1,000 or more. Not only aren't these people in the trenches working as paid pros, they aren't magicians!

There is nobody offering comedy creation methods specifically for magicians. Comedy coaches don't understand what makes magic different, but I do.

This workshop is eight weeks long. If I charged $100.00 for each week of class, that would be $800.00. I charge $100.00 for an hour of magic lessons but this class takes much more work and time on my part.

It's hard to compare what I'm offering because nobody else is teaching this stuff. If you sign up to take improv classes at The Second City, one week will cost you $285.00 and nobody there will have an understanding of what makes comedy-magic different. I studied with the Players Workshop of the Second City for a year and it was great. You get the benefit of my knowledge as it's applied to the craft of magic.

At the end of the day, it's my goal to get magicians to stop using old jokes and to elevate their acts to the level of art. I want to make this workshop accessible, so even though it would be a bargain at $800.00, I'm going to offer the full eight weeks of training for a mere $397.00.

In the future, I will raise the price. First, I want to prove to a new class of students how easy and fun comedy can be when you know the real secrets to being funny in front of audiences.

Listen, you can buy every book on comedy out there. I certainly have and I'm glad I did. I got something out of every one of them (even if it was what not to do). You should learn every chance you get. However, nobody else is offering what I'm offering.

When you finally experience the satisfaction of making an audience laugh so hard they're begging you to stop, you'll never feel better about your performance. You will know that your show is better and different than all of the other magicians in your area. You'll have the confidence to raise your fees and you'll book more gigs. Why? Because you really will be a better performer.

Booking one extra gig because of what I teach you makes this course free.

What price do you put on satisfaction? I know it's frustrating to be a funny guy and not be able to pull it off on stage. How much is it worth to you to finally find your comedic voice and kill an audience?

This workshop isn't simply about comedy, it's about performance. I teach performance techniques that will make you bomb proof. Even if you aren't making an audience crack up with laughter, you won't bomb when you employ my methods. They may not laugh as much as you'd like, but they'll still love you!


Ironclad, You-Can't-Lose-Money-Back Guarantee

Because I'm so confident you're going to love this course, I'm willing to extend an ironclad, 100%, you-can't-lose money-back guarantee: Sign up for my workshop. If you aren't 500% thrilled and more, I don't want your money. All I ask is that you actually try my methods and give it a shot. Just put in a fair effort. If you aren't satisfied with the results, just drop me a note anytime during the course and I'll refund every dime of your money. Fair enough? The only reason I can do this is because I'm supremely confident you're going to fall in love with my way of adding humor to your magic routines. I don't want money from somebody that isn't happy, so there's no risk to you.


Sign Up Now and Get These FREE Bonuses

Free Bonus 1 ($500.00 value) Video Conference Seminars - I listen to my students. At the end of each course, I always ask for feedback. During the last session, one student said he would've loved the chance to try out material and ask questions before the virtual open mic (see below). As a result, at certain points during this class, everybody will get together in a video chat room. You will perform your material, get feedback, be able to ask questions, and the sessions will also include more instruction from me. Imagine going to a magic lecture, learning a trick, practicing it, and then being able to show it to the lecturer and get his feedback. However, you won't get my feedback just once. You'll be getting one on one help every step of the way. There will be a minimum of three video sessions, but I may add more as we go. To participate, you must have a webcam and mic.

Free Bonus 2 ($500.00 value) Sales & Marketing Phone Consultation - I will spend a full hour on the phone with you going over your sales and marketing concerns. What we talk about is totally up to you. I can provide advice on all of your marketing, both online and off. Need help getting your web site to convert? Want to know how to book more gigs? Whatever your concern, I can provide expert advice in this area.

Free Bonus 3, Virtual Comedy Show - At the end of the workshop, you will get the chance to perform your routine for an audience and get feedback. This will be done online and live. It'll be like doing a TV spot, but on the Internet. A camera connected to your computer is required for this.

Free Bonus 4, Stage Time in Los Angeles - Obviously, this course is being conducted online. However, if you're in the Los Angeles area, I will give you stage time during one of my regular shows. It's very hard to find a place to perform comedy in Los Angeles that will give you more than five minutes. Even if they do, they almost always require you to bring your own audience. I have a steady gig where I perform straight stand-up and sometimes comedy-magic. I have a deal with the establishment to use the room however I want. Give me some notice, and upon completion of my course, if you're in Southern California, I will give you a spot.

Free Bonus 5 ($25.00 value) Secret Performing Opportunities - One of the challenges of comedy is trying out the material. You need stage time to test your act and it can be hard to find as much as you'd like. I give you some great ideas for getting all of the stage time you need so you can get your act perfect in a short amount of time.

Free Bonus 6 ($25.00 value) Step by Step Guide - Once you understand how I create material for magic, this guide will assist you in the process with step by step instructions.

Free Bonus 7 ($97.00 value) Improv Toolbox - There's nothing better than being quick witted and off the cuff. I'll teach you methods that improvisers use to work without a script. You'll learn techniques for riffing with audience members as well as creating whole routines with improv methods.


That's $1,147.00 in FREE Bonuses!

One More Thing

If you have any doubts whatsoever about signing up for my workshop, here's what I recommend. Don't decide now if it's for you. Just sign up and try it out. Give it a whirl. You have all the time to think about it you need because if any time during the course you don't feel you're receiving maximum value, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


Zach Waldman

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